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Public Joint Stock Company Rosseti Kuban (Rosseti Kuban)

Approved: by the resolution of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Rosseti Kuban (Minutes No. 45 dated June 4, 2021)

Preliminary approved by the resolution of the Board of Directors of Rosseti Kuban (Minutes No. 429/2021 dated April 29, 2021)

The reliability of the data contained in this Report was confirmed by the Audit Commission of Rosseti Kuban on April 19, 2021 (Minutes No. 2ns/2021 dated April 19, 2021)

Annual Report

on the Performance of Rosseti Kuban for 2020 for the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

General Director, Rosseti Kuban S.V. Sergeyev
Chief Accountant –
Head of the Department for Financial
and Tax Accounting and Reporting
I. V. Skiba

This Annual Report presents the results of Public Joint Stock Company Rosseti Kuban for 2020, as well as some milestones following the reporting date, between January 1, 2021 and the preliminary approval of the Annual Report by the Board of Directors.

The Report was prepared in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, including:

  • Federal Law No. 39-FZ “On Securities Market” dated April 22, 1996;
  • Federal Law No. 208-FZ “On Joint-Stock Companies” dated December 26, 1995 (hereinafter – Federal Law “On Joint-Stock Companies”);
  • Bank of Russia Regulation No. 454-P “On Disclosure of Information by Issuers of Equity Securities” dated December 30, 2014;
  • Recommendations of the Corporate Governance Code of the Bank of Russia for use by joint-stock companies having stock-exchange securities, by the Letter of the Bank of Russia No. 06–52/2463 dated April 10, 2014 (hereinafter - the Corporate Governance Code of the Bank of Russia).

In the text of this Annual Report, Public Joint Stock Company Rosseti Kuban is also referred to as Rosseti Kuban, the Company, PJSC Kubanenergo (when referring to the periods (events) that took place from June 22, 2015 to August 10, 2020), JSC Kubanenergo (when referring to the periods (events) that took place before June 22, 2015).

Public Joint Stock Company ROSSETI (until April 4, 2013 – IDGC Holding, JSC, from April 4, 2013 to July 17, 2015 – JSC ROSSETI) and other legal entities are named in this Annual Report as they were called during the mentioned periods.

Due to the introduction of a new version of PBU 18/02 «Corporate Profit Tax Accounting», the Company made adjustments to the Balance Sheet Report as of December 31, 2019 and December 31, 2018 and to the Profit and Loss Statement for 2019. Therefore, the basic financials of the Company for 2018–2019 contained in this Annual Report were calculated based on the adjusted annual accounting statements.