HR Policy

Ivan Treputin
The strategic goals of Rosseti Kuban, along with the improvement of the reliability of the power supply to the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea, customer service quality increase and promotion of the accessibility of power grid infrastructure, encompass the provision of decent working conditions, upgrading of professional skills and loyalty of the Company’s staff. The above goals are achieved through a set of measures stipulated by the personnel and social policy of the Company. The pursuance of this policy allows the Company to hold the position of a corporate citizen, providing jobs, guaranteed benefits package and stable wages that are significantly above the sector average level within the Company’s footprint, for more than 9 thousand people. The sector average level of wages in 2020 stood at 43.2% for the Krasnodar Territory and at 69.6% for the Republic of Adygea.”
Head of the Human Resources Department Ivan Treputin

The below are the key goals of Personnel and Social Policy of the Company intended to meet the targets of the Russian Power Grid Industry Development Strategy:

  • workforce requirements planning – ensuring the availability of reliable information on current and projected, quantitative and qualitative needs in workforce necessary and sufficient for meet the Company’s objectives;
  • recruiting necessary skills when needed;
  • improving the performance and increasing labor efficiency in the Company.

The above goals are achieved by implementing packages of actions in various aspects of Company’s activities and achieving the targets set:

  • in the field of organizational design;
  • in the field of staffing support and personnel development;
  • in the field of personnel performance management (personnel motivation);
  • in the field of social benefits and social protection;
  • in the field of occupational safety and work culture.