Share Capital

The Company has two major shareholders owning 99.66% of its share capital – the Russian Federation (6.22%, or 20,827,745 shares) and Rossetti (93.44%). Furthermore, the Russian Federation owns 88.04% of Rossetti’s share capital (88.89% of Rossetti’s ordinary shares). The Company does not have any other shareholders who own more than 5% of Rosseti Kuban’s shares. The amount of control of each of the Company’s shareholders is commensurate with its participation in the share capital of Rossetti Kuban. The Company has no information about any shareholder agreement made.

There are no cross-holdings of the Company’s shares.

Shareholding pattern of Rosseti Kuban (%)

Changes in the share capital structure of the Company in the reported year were minor (less than 1%).

Структура акционерного капитала ПАО «Россети Кубань»
Statistical information on persons entered into in the register of shareholders of Rossetti Kuban as of 31 December 2020
Registered persons Number of persons Number of shares % of outstanding shares
Account of unidentified persons 1 3,324 0.0010
Individuals 1,778 337,963 0.1010
including non-residents 2 485 0.0001
Legal entities, including nominee shareholders (total) 18 334,309,730 99.896
incl. owners (nominee shareholders) of over 5% of shares 2 333,539,349 99.6658
including non-residents 1 325 0.0001
Trustees 0 0 0
Shares in joint ownership 14 6,820 0.0020
1,811 334,657,837 100