Interaction with service consumers

Alexander Kalinichenko
In evolving the customer service system, the Company’s management pays special attention to creating awareness of consumers about the services provided by the Company, ensuring comfortable conditions for face-to-face service, and improving the availability of services through interactive service facilities. In January 2020, General Director of the Company, S. Sergeev, chaired a meeting held with the heads and owners of the largest construction enterprises, representatives of the executive authorities of Sochi in the energy dialogue format on the connection of housing construction facilities to the power grids of the Company. In addition to the 53 already functioning service offices, a new customer service point was opened in the service area of the Power Grids of Slavyansk branch in July 2020, which met the requirements of the unified service quality standards. The 2020 year witnessed a complete transition to electronic interaction with consumers on the issues of grid connection of electrical installations with a total capacity of up to 150 kW. In 2020, the Company received 65,473 requests sent via interactive client services, which was 11 times greater than last year.”
Interim Deputy General Director for Development and Grid Connection Alexander Kalinichenko

The main function of the customer communication departments of Rosseti Kuban is supporting timely and unhindered problem solving for grid connection, power transmission, electricity metering arrangement, and extra services arrangement for individuals and legal entities within the Company’s operational responsibility.

The high quality of the Company’s services is facilitated through 13 customer service centers and 41 customer service offices within the power grid areas.

To provide remote services to customers, Rosseti Kuban runs a 24-hour call-center with the federal phone numbers 8 (800) 100–15–52 and 8 (800) 220–0-220. Call-center operators inform the residents of Krasnodar territory and the Republic of Adygea about any power supply issues and recovery work and planned repair schedules. Besides, the call-center operators take messages from the customers concerning electricity theft and consult them about grid connection and other Company’s services.

In 2020, over 660 thousand consumers applied to the call center (up 15 thousand year-on-year).

In the reporting year, the Company received 8,583 complaints from consumers, 3,611 of which were justified.

Structure of customer complaints received by the Company in 2020, %
Structure of customer complaints received by the Company in 2020, %

Customer complaints were investigated and actions scheduled for the reporting year were taken to sort out their causes.

In 2020, the Company also provided interactive customer service on the corporate website in the Consumers / Customer Service System as follows:

Since September 30, 2020, the functionality of the client’s personal account has been transferred to the portal of power grid services of Rosseti’s Group of Companies www.портал-тп.рф.

In 2020, the Company received 65,473 petitions via interactive client services, up 59,624 year-on-year, including 28,270 grid connection tickets, 15,198 of which were sent via the power grid service portal on the official website of Rosseti, up 14,446 year-on-year.

The key progress made by the Company in customer communications for 2020:

  • opening of a customer service point in Rosseti Kuban in Taman in the Power Grids of Slavyansk branch;
  • reclassification of the Adler customer affairs point of Power Grids of Sochi branch into the category of a consumer service center;
  • conducting six seminar meetings with representatives from the business world and the executive authorities of the regions of Russia, acting and potential applicants for power grid access procedure, including those dedicated to the possibility of applying for grid connection online;
  • energy dialog with business representatives of the Krasnodar Territory – consumers of the Kuban power system under the chairmanship of the General Director of the Company with business representatives;
  • supporting the work of automated workplaces with access to the Internet for customers in 13 customer service center areas;
  • supporting the payment equipment installed at the customer service centers and customer affairs points;
  • detection of 18,936 kW of unaccounted electricity to the amount of RUB 32.492 thousand after 157 inspections following customers’ messages of electricity thefts received via the call center.

The following measures were introduced in the territory of the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea to support the consumers engagement during the intensive spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19, as well as the high-alert mode:

  • limiting the work hours of service offices;
  • keeping consumers informed via the official website of the Company, social networks and mass media about the possibility of receiving services in electronic format via the portal портал-тп.рф without personal visits to service offices;
  • offering more available electronic interaction with consumers on the grid connection issues via a personal account on the official website портал-тп.рф and the mobile application;
  • introducing automated environment at the consumer service offices for applicants who have no access to the Internet. Specialists of the Company’s offices provide advices on emerging issues in filing an application.

In addition, feedback is provided to consumers via the portal Light Country on the official website of Rosseti, where you can leave a request on the following issues:

  • regular power outages;
  • voltage fluctuation / low voltage;
  • failures of electric equipment.

If you have any questions about the operation of the portal of power grid services, please call the multi-channel hotline numbers 8 (800) 100–15–52 and 8 (800) 220–0-220.

To support the customer-oriented approach and improve the quality of services, Rosseti Kuban scheduled as follows for 2021:

  • development and expansion of the remote service channel – call center;
  • upgrading of the customer service efficiency in order to increase the number of consumers who apply for additional services at the service offices.
Consumer Service Center