Implementing Agreements for the Grid Connection of Consumers

In the reporting year, the Company executed 22,590 agreements for the connection to Rosseti Kuban power grids. The total connected capacity was 650 MW, up 11.2% compared to the planned value. The volume decreased by 18.44% (147 MW) year-on-year.

Grid Connection Agreements Performed in 2020
Connection category Number of agreements (pcs) For total capacity (kW)
Up to 15 kW inclusive, total 20,870 254,456
Including individuals 17,465 215,512
Over 15 kW to 150 kW inclusive 1,298 78,318
Over 150 kW and less than 670 kW 241 67,272
At least 670 kW 127 241,005
Power generation facilities 2 7,896
Total, excl. temporary grid connection 22,538 648,946
Temporary connection 52 1,447
Total, incl. temporary grid connection 22,590 650,393
The Structure of the Rosseti Kuban Agreements Implemented by the Capacity Connected (MW)
The largest and most significant power facilities of the below applicants were connected to the Company’s power grids in 2020 (MW)
Applicant Connected capacity
NESK Elektroseti JSC 87.0
OTEKO-Portservice LLC 12.4
Tamanneftegaz CJSC 10.0
Food Ingredients LLC 10.0
Logistic Center Adygea 1 LLC 8.9
Romex Development LLC 4.9
Gazprom Dobycha Krasnodar LLC 2.2

In 2020, significant capacities were allocated to meet the electricity demand of housing projects, the high rates of which were observed in recent years in the region. More than 1.4 thousand agreements for a total capacity of 139 MW were implemented.

Among the largest multi-unit apartment buildings connected to the Company’s power grids in 2020 are: multi- and middle-story construction facilities in Krasnodar on Pokryshkina St. - Romex Development LLC (with a capacity of 4.9 MW) and on Voiskovaya St. - Krasnodar Stroy Center LLC (4.4 MW); residential complexes in the Prikubansky District of Krasnodar - Stroygarant LLC (3.6 MW), Invest Stroy LLC (3.5 MW), Pobeda-K Construction Company LLC (3.2 MW) and DARSTROY LLC (3 MW). Also, the residential complex “Symphony” (second phase) on Rossiyskaya St. in Krasnodar, Development-Yug construction and investment corporation (2.1 MW), and a residential complex in microdistrict Kudepsta-3 in Sochi, Monolit LLC (2.8 MW) were connected.

The agricultural sector and the food industry, which require no less power capacity than other sectors, have always played a strategic role in the economic structure of the Southern Russia. In 2020, Rosseti Kuban implemented over 690 grid connection agreements for agricultural facilities for a total capacity of more than 30 MW. Of these, the largest agricultural facilities are: Agrofirm “Privolye” LLC (1.5 MW), Agrocomplex Company Named After N.I. Tkachev JSC (1 MW), Kuban Compound Feed Mill LLC (0.5 MW), Agro-Processing Complex “Dary Kubani” LLC (0.5 MW), Soyuz-Agro LLC (0.5 MW).