Strategic Report

Nadezhda Mayakovskaya
For the successful existence in the electric power industry, it is important to set the adequate and competent goals and determine the direction of the Company’s development under the general strategy of ROSSETI Group, as well as to choose ways and methods to implement them. Promoting the further upgrade of efficiency of current activities to develop the sector and ensuring reliability, quality and accessibility of infrastructure in the new digital environment is among our main strategic priorities”.
Head of the Internal Control and Risk Management Department Nadezhda Mayakovskaya

Mission and Values

Mission of Rosseti Kuban is profit making by long-term provision of reliable, safe, and accessible power supply to customers across the Krasnodar region and the Republic of Adygea by arranging the most efficient management of the distribution grid, applying cutting edge technology and innovations, and observing the world standards for rendering services and the best practice of corporate governance.