Information Technologies and Telecommunications


In the reporting year, the Company carried out the following measures in the field of development of information technologies and telecommunications:

  1. The electronic workflow system (EWS) was adopted on Russian Documino platform, which allowed to refuse using more expensive foreign analog systems. As part of the EWS project, EWS mobile application also developed by Russian designers was launched.
  2. The corporate software complex functionality was expanded:
    • the software modules “Maintaining the price list for ancillary services”, “Import of payments of ancillary services from 1C:Enterprise” for the customer service center were developed and commissioned;
    • the module for importing the applications for  grid connection from the consumer’s personal office, an automated network reporting system of Rossetti was developed;
    • the software for information support of information kiosks of the customer service centers was developed and commissioned;
    • the module for capital costs accounting was refined, new reporting forms for the  grid connection functionalities were developed.
  3. the development of the functionality of electricity transport control system was continued in terms of forming power balances at all grid levels, analysing non-balances and excessive electricity losses, in particular:
    • functionality for calculating the power balance by elements of 0.4–20 kV grid was developed;
    • the analytical unit for generating productive supply in terms of connecting metering points was improved;
    • functionality for analysis of power losses in terms of 10(6)/0.4 kV TS was developed.
  4. The following sub-systems were commissioned regarding development of the corporate information system “1C:Enterprise. Manufacturing Enterprise Management”:
    • for accounts receivable analytical recording in terms of occurrence and calculation of interest for untimely payment of power transmission;
    • for approval of applications for adding the projects to the Investment Program of Rosseti Kuban.
  5. In 2020, concerning the development of the main IT-infrastructure and services including those for organization of  employees remote working under conditions of COVID-19 pandemic:
    • transmission capacity of the existing corporate data exchange network was increased up to 100 Mb/s at sections between the Executive Office and branches of Rosseti Kuban;
    • the hardware equipment was purchased and integrated into the existing IT-infrastructure to implement the project on developing the regional unit of the single geo-information system of Rosseti Kuban;
    • the service for remote access to the automated work places was launched for 1,623 users of the Executive Office and branches of Rosseti Kuban during the COVID-19 spreading period;
    • uninterrupted operation of the technical assistance to the Company’s employees was organized at the enterprise territory and at remote work places;
    • two additional studios for video conferences were organized with integration of the required equipment to the existing infrastructure.