Headcount and Personnel Breakdown

Average headcount of Rosseti Kuban in 2020 amounted to 8,959 people, up 3.6% year-on-year, on the one hand, due to administrative and managerial staff rightsizing, and on the other – due to the enrolment of production personnel in the power grid areas and the consolidation of property owned by JSC DVEUK/JSC DVEUK–ENES (as part of the consolidation of power grid assets).

Average headcount (people)
Average headcount(people)

In general, the state of the Company’s human resources is quite stable: in 2020, the level of staff sufficiency was 96.9%, production staff sufficiency – 96.9%, voluntary turnover — 6.6%, the average age of employees – 43 years.

Personnel distribution across the branches of Rosseti Kuban (%)
Personnel distribution across the branches of Rosseti Kuban (%)

The employee breakdown by categories is representative of the companies of the power grid complex and has remained quite stable for the last three years: blue collars account for 49.5%, managers – for 21.3%, and white collars – for 29.2%.

Staff composition by categories, %
Staff composition by categories, %

Over the past three years, there has been an increase in the proportion of employees aged 35 years to retirement age (+3.1 p.p.) amid a decreasing proportion of employees aged under 35 years (–2.7 p.p.) and the proportion of working pensioners (–0.4 p.p.).

Staff composition by age, %
Staff composition by age, %

Employees of Rosseti Kuban are characterized by a fairly high level of qualification: 86.3% of employees have a professional education. This figure has risen by 1.4 p.p. over the last three years.

Staff composition by education level, %
Staff composition by education level, %

The gender composition of the Company’s employees is representative of the companies of the power grid complex: as of 31 December 2020, the share of men was 73%, women – 27%.

Staff breakdown by gender in 2020, %
Staff breakdown by gender in 2020, %